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How To Clean Your Bathroom The Green Way
27Jun 2014
How To Clean Your Bathroom The Green WayEco-friendly cleaning solutions are becoming more popular as more and more people try to avoid using harsh and potentially harmful chemicals in their homes. However, some people believe that your bathroom needs stronger cleaning solutions than those supplied by nature, and that combating bacteria in the bathroom should be done chemically. If you want a cleaner bathroom but you still want to remain environmentally-friendly then don’t panic! Here are just a few tips to help you clean your bathroom to the highest standard possible without needing to depend on chemical cleaning products!1)    Cleaning your bath.There are a few ways in which you can clean your bath using eco-friendly cleaning products. You’ll need either fresh lemon juice or white vinegar, as well as a plastic spray bottle and clean water. Mix your selected cleaning agent with 3 parts water and pour into the spray bottle. Use the spray to spritz your bath before rinsing with clean water. Scrub at any stains or marks that don’t want to move and you’ll find your bath looks cleaner than you’ve ever seen it! Be aware that using lemon juice to clean your bathroom might be a preferable option because of its fresh and lingering scent! 2)    Cleaning your shower.Take your spray bottle and give your shower a thorough spray. Wipe it down with a fresh and clean cloth, paying particular attention to water stains, soap stains and grime. White vinegar will make quick work of water stains and can even help to prevent the re-growth of mould and mildew, making it a perfect and eco-friendly cleaning tool that you’ll love to use in your bathroom! 3)    Cleaning your toilet.Soak your toilet brush in the mixture of either vinegar or lemon and water before giving your toilet a good scrub. Wipe down the underneath of the seat, as well as the sides of the bowl and cistern. White vinegar can be used to lift marks and stains from metal surfaces, so if your toilet handle has seen better days then don’t forget to fully and properly sanitise it with white vinegar, water and a clean cloth. 4)    Removing limescale from your taps.Did you know that you can mix together bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar to create a limescale removal product that’s safe for your taps and faucets? The bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar will form a thick foam which you can use to remove pesky and tough limescale from your taps and faucets. Leave the foam to sit for a few hours before gently buffing it away with clean water and an old toothbrush. You’ll be left with fantastically clean taps in no time at all! 5)    Unclogging your drains.The plugholes in your bathroom can easily become clogged with dirt, grime and hair, and over time you might experience serious problems because of this. Next time you notice slight build-up, or next time you notice water failing to drain properly, take white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Make the same foam you did to clean your taps and place it down and around the area of the blockage. Leave it to sit for a few hours before rinsing away to reveal plugholes that are as good as new! Be aware that stubborn blockages might need to be left for longer to fully allow the mixture to work.

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