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     When it comes to cleaning, Paddington Cleaners know how to tackle just about everything. Everything was cleaned to a high standard. They left my home sparkling.
Damian V.08/02/2019
     I have a toddler at home and, no matter how hard I try, there just aren't enough hours in the day to keep on top of all the chores. I decided to hire a cleaning agency, but I also wanted to be sure that they would only use natural products that don't contain harmful chemicals. I went with Cleaners Paddington as they offered all I wanted and a very affordable ongoing rate to sweeten the deal. I'm very happy with their services!
Heather B.31/05/2016
     I was over the moon with how Cleaners Paddington cleaned my fitted carpets. I had just painted my office and noticed a lot of dust and grime had settled into the carpets, so decided to have them cleaned professionally. The service was well worth the money and the cost was good too!
A. Martin13/01/2016
     I started calling for the services provided by Paddington Cleaners about three weeks ago when I was moving out and had to do my end of tenancy cleaning. I remember that back then they sent a couple of contractors at my house and that I was amazed at just how fast they had gotten the job done. To the date, they have maintained their high level of quality in the services they provide and that's really great!
Marlene P.17/03/2015
     I am a single mother putting myself through school by working part-time. As such, I hardly find time to clean my house properly. But professional cleaners are expensive and I was not sure I can afford them until one of my friends suggested Paddington Cleaners. I called them for quotes, and finding that they were reasonable, booked them for a service. I am so glad I did! They did a wonderful job and saved me a lot of time and trouble.
J. Burrows18/02/2015
     Paddington Cleaners helped me with all of my rug cleaning. My mats and carpets had started to look dirty and worn and so I wanted them restored. Their team came to my house and washed and wiped them thoroughly, making sure no stain remained. The staff were friendly and helped with exactly what I needed. I got a good deal when I called, as well as useful info. My rugs looked great and I will hire them the next time things start to look dirty.
Fred S.18/12/2014
     My name is Joe and I am a student and have recently moved in with a couple of housemates. At the suggestion of my mum, we have arranged for a regular cleaner to come and generally clean the house once a week. It saves us having to do it and stops my mum from complaining about the state of the place when she comes to visit! We had thought it might be too expensive, but by us all clubbing together, it's quite affordable. I would most definitely recommend Paddington Cleaners to anybody who has better things to do than cleaning!
Joe P.05/11/2014
     I was given the job of hiring a cleaner to work alongside me in the house where I'm an au-pair. So obviously I wanted to make a good choice and not let my employers down. Paddington Cleaners were the company that stood out from the rest because of their customer service over the phone and what sounded like a reputable company in general. This is the third month we've been receiving cleaners from them and my employers as well as I are over joyed with their help. They do their job to really high standards and have left me feeling happy that I chose them!
S. Daniels23/10/2014
     I use Paddington Cleaners for all of my cleaning needs as they have always been the most reliable company I have come across in the local area. They are really great at whatever they turn their hand to be it carpet cleaning (at which they are extremely thorough) or the more day to day jobs that need doing around the house like tidying in the bedroom or washing down the steps. I am constantly impressed by their work.
Miranda Halsey09/10/2014
     We have been using Paddington Cleaners for our office cleaning since we started here last year. The office needs to be kept immaculate, as we are not the type of business to be sending out a lackadaisical front to our clients and partners. It has been proven that clean offices produce better work form their staff, and that is what we get form both our cleaning company and our workers. The cleaning is done well and consistently, and the price is very fair, so it is a good deal in all.
Jean Davis31/07/2014
     I hate house cleaning with a passion. Everything about it makes me dread any sort of cleaning. The only problem is that I love having a tidy house. I love seeing metal sparkling in the kitchen and having everything in my home nice and clean. I came into a bit more money so I decided it was time to hire a cleaner. I went with Paddington Cleaners because of their great reviews and even better prices and I've been so impressed with everything my cleaner does that she now comes twice a week instead of once.
     One thing we have never been able to keep on top of as a growing business is cleaning our premises. It's something we have to do regularly to comply with health and safety rules and we've lacks the resources and the staff to get it done as often as we'd like. Our premises are so much better now we have a professional office cleaning agency on the case. Paddington Cleaners are very thorough and don't miss anything out. The cleaners we are provided with turn up on time, and always come outside working hours so that we don't get in each other's way and they bring all the products they need.
Natalie B.30/06/2014
     My husband and I were having great difficulty cleaning our home so we decided to get some help. We contacted this company and they were very supportive. They told us about their services and how they could help and we both agreed they were prefect for the job. We hire a cleaner from them every week and she does all the chores we no longer can. She is helpful and always does things properly. She sees to everything from the vacuuming and the polishing and I can't imagine what we'd do without her so I want to give a big thank you to Paddington Cleaners.
Martha Burrows20/06/2014
     This company managed to provide me with a domestic cleaner even though I'd contacted them on very short notice. This was entirely my fault, but the cleaner I ended up hiring was one of the best professional cleaners I've ever used in the past. He was very professional but was still ready to take instructions on board. He arrived just on time and didn't leave a speck of dust anywhere in the house. Even the tops of my light fittings were dust free! This is a very complete house cleaning service and definitely worth the money - well done Paddington Cleaners!
     Of all the cleaning companies I've ever had the pleasure of working with, Paddington Cleaners manage to make sure that our office is far cleaner than any others. When it comes to getting an office or a business place clean, I find that many people settle for standards far lower than anything they would in their home. I don't know why, which is why I trust these cleaners to make sure that we have the very cleanest office around. I'm sure clients notice when they visit and that kind of reaction makes all the difference to me and our business.
     I'm an advocate for letting others know of outstanding services in the area, and Paddington Cleaners are certainly one of them! I have used them a couple of times, and both times they have gone far beyond the call of duty, and charged very little for their efforts! A good value, hard working tradesman is hard to find nowadays, but in this lot, the tradition of hard work for fair pay seems to live on. I am very happy to share the news of their excellence with all of you who are reading this.
Lonnie Brock05/03/2014
     I have consistently chosen Paddington Cleaners for my home cleaning. I prefer to do common cleaning myself, but sometimes need a little assistance to clean in corners and to do more specialty cleaning tasks. The staff at Paddington Cleaners are always working to meet my needs. They provide customized service and offer a number of different tasks, from sofa cleaning to carpet cleaning. They always do a thorough job and I am continually impressed with their service. I undoubtedly recommend them to anybody looking for trustworthy cleaning services.
Chandler W.18/02/2014
     In many senses, having a cleaner can change your life. Domestic cleaning is something that I have always been terrible at, and I don't want to be the kind of guy that gets his other half to do it all for me, so in order to prevent the place becoming an absolute disgrace, I get Paddington Cleaners round once a week. They are fantastic, always ensuring that the job is done thoroughly, and sometimes even going over time to finish certain jobs! I am always delighted to come home after they have finished their job, as the place is so fresh and bright!
Aaron Edwards07/01/2014