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Tips For Cleaning Up After A Party
30Mar 2014
Tips For Cleaning Up After A PartyHosting a party can be one of the most rewarding and entertaining things you can do with your own home. While it may appear that getting the house ready for a party might be the most difficult thing, many people underestimate the cleaning up job which follows. As you are likely to be a little bit tired and worse for wear (depending on the part), the process of cleaning up afterwards can often be a long and drawn out process which is performed unenthusiastically. By following the below steps, however, you can go further to ensuring that there is no issue when it comes to making sure that your home is returned to the clean and happy state the morning after the night before. Perhaps the first thing which should be done when thinking of cleaning up after a big event should be carried out during the event itself. One of the most difficult things to deal with the morning after are stains which have had time to settle in. As an almost inevitable side effect of hosting a party, stains should be expected and as such, having a plan to deal with them during the party should be the best plan. Having a stain removal agent on hand can mean that you have dealt with the issue at the time rather than allowing it to settle in after the party and you having to resort to calling in professional upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning services. One of the most noticeable things after a party is the glasses and cups which are left around the house. Depending on the quantity (and perhaps the quality) of drinks which are consumed by your guests, you might well find that there are items of glass ware left around the home. If you have a dishwasher, be prepared to put it to good use. If not, then you should spend some time both washing and drying all of the glasses in order to prevent water marks and streaks appearing on the glassware. If you find that there are lipstick stains on the glass, use simple table salt in order to remove these marks and then wash the glass as normal. One of the most noticeable things which can linger after a big party is the smell. Even if there has been no smoking in the house, the smell of tobacco can creep in on guests’ clothes and from the external areas. To remove the smells, be prepared to open up windows and doors to get the most amount of ventilation through the home. Use air fresheners to return the room to a neutral odour. You can also try the home remedy of using a small dish of white vinegar left over night in the room which can absorb all of the smell in a quite easy manner. To prevent the abundance of cigarette butts on the floor outside your home, provide a simple bucket or disposal are for guest which should make cleaning this up far easier. When it comes to cleaning up after a party, you can often find yourself a little too tired and delicate to provide the very best cleaning in the hours following the event. While many people find themselves hiring professional cleaning services in the build up to a big party, some people find that they are better served by hiring professional help to come in after the event and provide a clean-up when it really matter. With professional help in the morning, you might find that you are more able to relax and know that everything will be handled in the morning.