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How To Keep Your Apartment Clean
16Dec 2014
How To Keep Your Apartment CleanSmall apartments and condominiums, although have a smaller area to clean, can pose their own kind of house cleaning problems. Having a small living space means that you are more prone to gather clutter than in a larger storeyed house. Given that you will have to make economical use of space, it can often be difficult to clean certain areas of the house and this is exactly where dust and dirt tend to accumulate over time. Because cleaning your apartment can be a challenge, we have some home cleaning tips that will help you maintain a clean apartment home.1.    Minimize your clutterLetting things lie around your home will not only use up a majority of your living space but also increase the amount of surface available for dust to settle on. This build up of dust does not only make your room look dirty, it could also be harmful to you and your family. This is why, if you don’t need the item, give it away or put it in the dustbin. If you think that it is important but you won’t have a chance to use it often, store it so that you can relieve your living space of clutter. A less cluttered space is easier to organize and looks more neat and tidy.2.    Carpet vacuuming and cleaningBecause you have a limited space, chances are that you will be treading more on your carpets than in a larger space. Some areas will also experience more traffic than others and will wear out sooner. In a small apartment, you will have to vacuum your carpets more frequently, and occasionally, even subject them to professional carpet cleaning. Owing to the limited space, there are also increased chances that someone might spill something on your carpets when you are hosting a lot of people in your house. To minimize the damage to your carpet, you can have an anti-stain protectant applied all over the carpets in the living area that prevent the stain from spreading and seeping through. Since small rooms get warmer when the heating is on, there are chances of mould growth in your carpet as well. Professional upholstery cleaning services will remove the mould and leave your carpets smelling nice.3.    Entrance matsThe best way to prevent dirt from coming into your home is to trap it at the doorway. Place door mats at all our outdoor entrances to your home so that the dirt, dust and snow that are brought into your home on the soles of shoes are stopped immediately. A good, hard fibre mat will also trap other particles that might scratch your hardwood floor. Thus, an entrance mat not only stops your house from getting dirty, it also does away with the need to have a hard floor cleaning done frequently. 4.    Use green productsSince an apartment is a more contained living space with less allowance for ventilation, you have to be very careful that the products you use in your house. Don’t use chemical cleaners that will give off fumes that will cause irritation or respiratory problems. Besides, your kids will be touching and playing with your household items, so it is a safer choice to use products that are child friendly. Coincidently, such products are also eco-friendly, so you are being environmentally sustainable at the same as you clean your house.

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