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How to Clean Your Bathroom
04Nov 2014
How to Clean Your BathroomIn the world of home cleaning, cleaning the bathroom is often cited as the most boring or least pleasant jobs out of all the cleaning tasks involved in making your house sparkle. It is fair to say that cleaning a toilet is not in the top of many people’s list of favourite things to do. Yet, these are important jobs to do to make sure that your bathroom ceramics keep their shine for longer, that the room smells good and also for obvious hygiene reasons. When doing home cleaning, it is important to make sure that the bathroom is thoroughly cleaned. There are some techniques and approaches to do this well. Firstly, start with the toilet. It is the worst job so best to finish it first. To start, use rubber gloves to keep your hands away from germs and bacteria as well as to not expose your skin to harmful and damaging chemicals. Begin by using a warm damp cloth to wipe the outside and the inside of the toilet to remove any obvious stains and to loosen the dirt and grime. Next, add the toilet cleaner into the toilet bowl. It is best to wait a few minutes to make sure the chemicals have an opportunity to make a good impact on the dirt before getting a toilet brush and scrubbing the inside of the bowl. When that has been done thoroughly, wipe the outside of the toilet with a wet cloth and disinfectant. Already the toilet will be smelling clean and looking better. Now that the worse task is over with, it is time to move onto to the next job.The shower and the bath tub need to be scrubbed to remove the inevitable build up of grime and dirt. Using a bristle brush or a sponge, wipe down all surfaces with a specific shower cleaner, or even dish washing liquid works well. Be sure to polish the taps and disinfect around that area as well as the shower head, which is prone to build up with grime and germs. To make the tub extra shiny, you can use car wax that can be polished into the surface to leave a sparking gleam. However, do not use car wax on the floor of the bath tub as this make it very slippery and at risk of falls in the shower. Also use glass cleaner on the shower door to make it clear and clean too.The sink needs cleaning next which is an easy task to do. Make sure you use an appropriate cleaner for the sink that will lift off grime and will not damage the ceramic.Next is the glass and mirrors. The trick to getting them sparkling, clear and streak free is to begin with warm water, dish soap and a sponge. This will remove all the build up of dirt and grease that collects on the surface. Once that has gone, it is time to use the glass cleaner to make the surface shine and be totally streak free. It is amazing the difference this can make to a room as the light is better reflected off the surface, making the bathroom feel airy and light. If you do not have glass cleaner, then a home made solution is a mix of vinegar and water that can be wiped across the surface of the mirror using newspaper. Not only is this highly effective, it is also environmentally friendly too!Finish the bathroom by mopping the floor with a scented floor solution and washing the bathroom mats.

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