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Best Shower Cleaning Tips
19Feb 2015
Best Shower Cleaning Tips

House cleaning may not be the most entertaining thing to do, but the truth is that it is absolutely necessary if you want to live in a comfortable and healthy environment. Of all the areas in your home, the bathroom is probably one of the most prone ones to develop various types of germs – and thus regular bathroom cleaning is absolutely mandatory.

Of course, the toilet, the sink and the tiles should all be clean – but you should never forget about the shower either. If you don’t want to call in the professional cleaners to deal with your bathroom and home cleaning, we have prepared some very useful tips on how to get a sparkly clean shower in the most efficient way possible. Read on and find out more.

1.    You don’t need expensive cleaners to get that clean shower you want. In fact, there are a lot of homemade cleaning solutions you can use for your shower – not only will they be less expensive, but they will be more natural/less toxic as well.

2.    Showers have to be cleaned regularly. While you may not be able to take time off your usual routine to clean your shower daily, it is important that you at least use a squeegee after taking a shower to remove all the excess water on the shower walls. Otherwise, all that excess water will eventually stain everything – and removing it will be much more difficult than using an inexpensive, basic squeegee.

3.    Aside from the squeegee, you might want to use a daily shower cleaner as well. You can make one at home by mixing ½ cup vodka, 1 cup water and a few drops of essential oil (peppermint, lavender – your pick).

4.    Every week, spray your favorite shower cleaning solution unto the walls of the shower, the shower head and every other item in the shower. Leave it to “soak” in for about 15 minutes, scrub and then rinse everything off. A half-dish wash detergent and half-white vinegar solution can be excellent for this.

5.    You should also deep clean your shower every month. Usually, this is done with the help of a cleaning powder (even the least expensive one can do the trick). However, if your shower walls are made out of acrylic, you should avoid using anything abrasive (in that case, dish washer and a soft sponge can be the best thing for your shower – and so can white vinegar and water solutions as well).

6.    To get a sparkly clean shower head, fill a plastic bag with one-two cups of white vinegar and to lift the bag to the shower head. Tie it with a rubber band, leave it for at least 3 hours (or even better, overnight) and then rinse everything well. If you make sure to cover all the shower holes with vinegar, the shower will also run better because the vinegar will help unclog them.

7.    Mildew is another “fierce” enemy of clean showers so you should make sure to regularly remove it. To do this, you can simply buy an inexpensive mildew remover from the supermarket – they are very cheap and they work like miracles. However, if you want to go the natural/homemade way, you can also spray hydrogen peroxide on the areas affected by mildew or you can spray white vinegar as well. If you don’t like the hydrogen peroxide smell, you can mix it with double the quantity of water and with a few drops of your favorite essential oil (peppermint and tea tree extract are great suggestions, for example).

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